(error massege)The changes have not yet taken effect. If you are using LiteSpeed or IIS as your web server or CGI/FastCGI interface, you may need to wait a few minutes for the changes to take effect since the configuration files are sometimes cached. You also may need to select a different server configuration in order to complete this step, but wait for a few minutes before trying. You can try refreshing this page.

i try to config my security plugin (wordfence) and i get the same massege every day when i try to re config

I don’t know exactly what this means.

But what I can tell you is that to use all the features of WordFence, you need access to the server configuration files. And you never get that on any kind of web hosting, including ours.

This means you cannot use all features of WordFence. However, you can also rest assured that we have taken steps to protect our servers and the sites running on it, so your site will be secure without every WordFence feature too.


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