Concern about transfering blog to free account

I have a blog hosted somewhere else having over 130 files. I’ve been thinking about bringing it here usign a free account.
Having my current account here suspended three times because of forbidden content, I would like to ask:
Is there any way to “vet” my files before uploading them to learn which ones may be in violation of InfinityFree’s TOS? I don’t want any more stress of uploading files, having my account suspended, and wondering if this is the time I will be banned for life.



You are the only one that will know if your content is in violation of the terms, as nobody here is going to check that many files for free.

What I would recommend is to create a backup on your current host using FTP. Then, upload the files to a new account here with a free subdomain. Visit it every day for about a week (To run a basic test to make sure it is stable here). If it is not suspended, I say you will be good to go!


Thanks for your answer.

Well, someone (or something) is checking my files “for free” and suspending my account…
I just thought that maybe I could upload them to some non-public folder and get a report from whatever automatic system InfinityFree has, instead of getting to know it by having the account suspended, raising a ticket, and waiting for an answer.

By the way, I don’t think my content is against the terms, so I’m not even “the only one that will know if (my) content is in violation of the terms.”

No. We don’t create a tool where people can see if their files would trigger a suspension, because then all the criminals would also use that tool to see which bad software triggers our filters. They can then use that knowledge to setup bad sites that don’t trigger our filters. I hope you can understand why we don’t want that to happen.


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