Hi there infinityfree I was just wondering how i would install composer on my free hosting.

As we dont provide SSH access you can’t install composer.


Hi there. There is another topic about composer and the admin said you can just import dependencies. How would i do that?

why do you want to install it

you can install files on localhost and upload files

I am trying to self host a forum

Which software

Like wich os or like actually Which software

i prefer using vanilla forum you can install it in softaculous apps installer


Thanks alot Thecoderman

has a modern interface

You’re welcome, I am happy that I could help you

You can just install Composer on your own computer and install the dependencies on there. Then, you can upload the entire codebase along with the generated vendor folder and use the Composer dependencies that way.


What do you want to install
I’m asking this because the forum software may be written in a programming language that infinityfree does not support or it may require innoDB (innoDB is not supported)

Hi, this site has most of the packages available on Composer ready to download:


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