Composer command for laravel

I am trying to host laravel project on free account but for hosting i require one package for barcode generate.
for install that i need to use composer and terminal how to open terminal?

You can’t use Composer and an SSH terminal on free hosting.

then how to install package?
can you help me

You may need to install Composer on your computer, and then follow the instructions to install that package.

i installed that package in my computer and also put package in vendor folder but at the time of run it display error :“class not found”

You may need to require vendor/autoload.php on the Laravel template file. I don’t use Laravel, so I may not help for some parts.

Ok, thank you.
I check it.

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You can’t run Composer on the free hosting servers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use Composer. What you can do is run Composer on your own computer, and install the dependencies there. Then, upload the generated vendor folder to your hosting account, and you can use the packages as you normally would.

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