(COMPLICATED QUESTION) I have a big question, I tought never been asked before

I discover that Facebook blocks tmacpowerstore.great-site.net, but I created an account before (now the account is deactivated) that uses tmacpowerstore.rf.gd. Now I want to remove that tmacpowerstore.rf.gd from that deactivated account and side-load/side-use (use at the same time) on my account that uses tmacpowertools.great-site.net. I do not want my tmacpowertools.great-site.net to be down while I am changing the subdomain that I have installed the Wordpress which is tmacpowertools.great-site.net

Is this question may not be clear to you? Ask me anything before answering. My question is really really big and complicated.

To be clear I basically want to move my deactivated tmacpowertools.rf.gd to an active tmacpowertools.great-site.net domain that I want to use the same subdomains to the same account running WordPress and Infinity Free. Then, I do not want any data or access loss to my current sub domain.

Plese really help me. May be this question needs help of @Admin , please do not hide this question as my problem is really really complicated as I am really a beginner. Help from anyone can answer it correctly.

Please note, I do not want to use redirect (because FB blocks it also) I want to reclaim the subdomain from one account and add it to an another account make it linked to the other subdomain I have. I am ready to wait for the rf.gd to propagate but not to loose great-site.net as it is now on Google.

I do not think it is possible.

What you are asking for is using a parked domain function using a free subdomain.


@KangJL What do it mean if I use the parked domain function?

Read here


Now, I know what should I do, but one small problem @KangJL , how do I get the subdomain from my deactivated account? Obviously reactivate the account then? how to remove the subdomain from that account?

You knew the answer



I really really need help. I was sucessful of this

and this

but not this

It seems like that Addon domains and subdomains options wont add a subdomain but parked domains can. I mean I want a subdomain linked, can I call it parked subdomain to be clear?

That’s what I mean a parked subdomain. Hope someone needs to help me.

Not possible on free hosting

That’s why I said


Just a recommendation from anyone here. Where I can get a free domain except from FreeNom and DotTK.




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