Complete novice. How does it work?

I’ve got files uploaded into the HTDOCS folder. I was able to upload from FileVilla client to InfinityFree server. I’ve bought a domain name. Now what? How do I get the website to work? I have never created a website, have no idea how to do it. The files come from a game that creates the files necessary to create a website using the game’s design, but then it’s up to me to figure out the rest.

please answer a few questions :slight_smile:

what is your domain name?

does your website have index.html or index.php ?
depending on whether your website is static or dynamic

Thanks you for responding. is the domain name.

I don’t know if it’s html or php. Background: I play a computer text baseball game. The game generates files that can be displayed on a website. But the game doesn’t really tell you how to do that. It just gives me files, which I’ve successfully uploaded to client and not to server.

Will read your links. Thanks!


1.the first step
go to NameSilo and add our NS

2.wait cca 3 hours after that (you can try it a lot earlier :smile: )
then go here in the client area> pick your acc> control panel
and add your domain (example - as an addon domain)



  1. if you add it as an addon domain
    a separate folder with your domain name is created and htdocs folder in which you need to upload files here put your files

4.visit your domain by typing the URL into your browser
but you’ll probably have to wait for this reason

  1. what we see or not depends on files now :smile: (good luck)

Thank you! … I’ll work on this through the day and report back. Very good!

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All the help here worked like a charm. Thanks! I’m up and running.

Only concern is that when I update new files, I’m finding that I sometimes have to clear out my cache in Chrome in order to see it all updated. On other browsers, it’s fine.


thank you for giving us feedback :hugs: (I did it yesterday and checked is everything okay)

every browser uses cache (if it is not configured differently) and that is quite normal,
this is one of the reasons why your website loads faster, less traffic, etc.

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