Comple N00b searching for Guidance

Hello there, complete nooby with no idea about anything here ^^'

So, for reasons, I want to create an SMF Forum on your server. I uploaded  the files to the file manager in entered the PHP-File path. As a third step the SMF installer is asking me the following:

ServerName (which I assume to be the Host-Name of my Database which I created through the Control Panal phpMyAdmin application)

UserName (which I assume to be the EPIZ-[BunchofNumbers] which represent my Username in the Database as well as your site)

Password (which your Database-App tells me is my cPanel password, which I assume to be the only password I have been using here since I signed up yesterday)

Database Name (which I assume to be the Name specified when I created a Database on phpMyAdmin, which is EPIZ-[BunchofNumbers]-TheNameIGave)

and a Table Prefix which I keep in its default state, as suggested on the SMF forums.

Yet, I keep getting

Critical Error!

			Cannot connect to the database server with the supplied data.<br><br>If you are not sure about what to type in, please contact your host.</div><div><br></div><div>.</div><div><br></div><div>Is there something I'm doing just gloriously wrong, or is it an issue I cannot be aware of?</div><div><br></div><div>Please Help</div><div><br></div><div>Greetings</div><div>LonelySoul<br></div><br>

Could not find Edit function. As probably expected, this issue is solved, the SMF installation was successful.

I’ll provide some clarity for anyone who would like to install SMF on InfinityFree.

If you get stuck on Step 3 of the Installation process, know this:

Host-Name: You can find it in the phpMyAdmin or MySQL once you created a
single database. It is also the root directory if you click on “Admin”
on an already created Database. On the overview of your database you
find it under “MySQL Host Name” and it will be in the form of
Infinityfree seems to be one of those 1% where the hostname is never “localhost”.

Username is definetly the same as the one you have when you are in the
client-area or Control-panel of InfinityFree. Epiz_[YourBatchOfNumbers]

Password, regardless of the Database-App claiming it is your cPanel
Password, is, in fact, your FTP password, as the installer suggests. To
find that, you go back to your client area (click the arrow beside your
name on the control panel) or just reloggin and click your accountname
under “Accounts” on the left, then scroll down to FTP Details and click
“Show/hide” on the line that says “FTP Password”. Copy and paste it.
(Sidenote: It makes no sense to me, but on Step 6 of the installation Process when you once again are to provide the database password, copypasting your FTP password won’t work, but copypasting your system-generated Account password (accessible by the same Show/Hide function just above the FTP details) will, although both passwords are virtually the same.)

Database Name is created when you create a database, and will be a
combination of your username and the specified name, copy and paste
that. It will be looking like this:

The Table Prefix is irrelevant, it could be anything, just keep it at smf

This thread can be closed, sorry to be a bother