My website URL is: http://www.tastytracker .com/?i=2

What I’m seeing is: Im unable to generate a csr for www.tastytracker .com, which comodo recommends. Instead I can only generate it for tastytracker .com (non www). This isnt a field that is editable when you click the “Generate key /csr” button under the ssl/tls page in the control panel.

I’m using this software: This is just a web admin panel question, so im using chrome at the moment.

Additional information:

I would recommend you buy the SSL certificate from (also known as or; some Comodo CA Authorized Sellers may want a CSR for the www version of the website, even if it generates one without www, but with Sectigo (also known as Comodo CA) you are secure. There is no Upload CSR button to upload a CSR for the www version of the domain, so deal with it.

I’ve already paid for the So are you saying there isnt a way to add the www sub domain in the csr generation on infinityfree?

No, there is no way to upload a CSR valid for both www and non-www versions of the domain on this free hosting.

Most SSL vendors accept our CSRs without any problem. It doesn’t really matter whether the CSR has the www version of the domain, the non-www version or both. Most SSL vendors don’t really look at this field, and just issue a certificate for both versions of the domain.

If using a different SSL vendor is not a desirable workaround, you could also:

  • Ask your SSL vendor and see if they can skip the domain check and issue a certificate with your CSR.
  • Manually generate a private key and CSR. You can then upload this private key to our panel and use the CSR to get a matching certificate. A guide like this might help: Note that you must use a bit length of 2048 (other key sizes are not accepted).

I just submitted as is (without the www) and what they gave me worked fine. It did take a bit longer than expected to propagate so if your reading this it may take 3 or 4 hours…

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