Communication error on Jetpack

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

Error Message

We were unable to make an XML-RPC request to your website. Please make sure that XML-RPC is turned on and that Jetpack is installed, activated and connected with your account.

Other Information

Jetpack can’t connect with my website because it can’t make any XML-RPC request.

Hello there,

The WordPress’ XML-RPC is not supported here and is blocked by the security system.
For more detail explanation regarding the security system and what kinds of stuffs it blocks, please refer to this Knowledge Base article:

Your best option is to use another WordPress plugin like Jetpack.

Here are some plugins which I suggest you to use:

  • WP-Cerber (for enhanced security and anti-spam)
  • W3 Total cache (for performance boost)
  • Hummingbird (for performance boost as well)

I used and tested these plugins before without really any issues that happened (of course these were only my experience so we might have different experience with using these plugins) but I don’t know if they are still good to use in 2020 with InfinityFree’s servers since these plugins might have evolved to become resource hungry which isn’t really recommended to use here or you’re site will hit some server resources limit like the CPU limt.


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