Comes Error after reinstalling Typo3 in my website

Hello to all the good people in this forum. I really appreciate if you could take small time and help me out here.
I had installed Typo3 version 7 and now I have deleted (literally deleted typo7 folder, not uninstalled). Now I try to reinstall typo3 7 and following error appears:

**The following errors were found :

An installation already exists at as per our records. To re-install the application please uninstall the existing installation!**

Could you please kindly suggest me how can I uninstall cause I have no folder.
Thank you in advance.

Well I solved this problem just by creating a new folder while installing typo3. But how come such problems comes if there is no such folder? is it somewhere cached?

Softaculous is obviously saving data about any your installation, it’s really bad practice — to delete something installed by installers manually instead of using “Uninstall”/“Delete” buttons.