Coding Languages with InfinityFree and Intellectual Property

Hi! I plan on developing a website with HTML and JavaScript (and possibly CSS). I just want to confirm that I would be able to do this on InfinityFree, starting without any template, but instead creating it purely through code.

I also wanted to know if anyone was able to find anything in the Terms and Services about InfinityFree taking ownership of any of the intellectual property of your website.

Thanks in advance!


Your website is your website ! (your images, code and so on…also everything that is a product of your mind).

The only thing is paragraph 15 :

By submitting ideas, suggestions, documents, and/or proposals (“Contributions”) to InfinityFree through its forum, or contact forms, you acknowledge and agree that:

your Contributions automatically become the property of InfinityFree without any obligation of InfinityFree to you.

which is quite normal behavior


That’s correct. That means regular copyright law applies, which means you retain full, exclusive ownership of your website content.

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