Code not updating!



Error Message

There is no error message, the problem is whenever i update my files they don’t update, for example if i add code to css, js or html… it doesn’t update only if i change the name of the file! example: i had to change style.css to stylecss.css to work with code updates. Now what can i do about the index i cant change it to index2 lol!

Now i believe it’s doing this because the files are still there even if i delete them and reupload!

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Please try clearing your browser cache or checking the file in Private Browsing mode. If you’re using Cloudflare, you should also put it in “Development Mode”.

Both your browser and Cloudflare cache some files of your website which typically don’t change very frequently. This is good, because it increases the performance of your website and saves you and your visitor bandwidth. The only downside is that changes can take a bit longer to be visible everywhere.

You can turn caching off entirely, but that’s generally a bad idea. Most of the performance enhancements of Cloudflare rely entirely on efficient caching, so disabling that eliminates most performance benefits of Cloudflare.


thanks for the reply!

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