Code is not saving in the file

after changing in code ,i clicked on save button and close the file but the chenges in not saved in the file.

Hi there.

Please explain your issue with more proofs (e.g screenshots, error messages, etc)


i write some code

After that i save the file and close it.
when i open again

the file was empty

Looking at this code, what are you trying to do with this?

this is the code for uploading image file .

That’s what I meant, are creating a website to let people to upload images or…?

i use this website for testing purpose only

It looks like that some error occurred. Could you create the file and edit it in FileZilla?

Your account’s disk usage has been capped because of abuse. We do not allow file/image sharing sites to be hosted with us. Please remove the uploading scripts from your account as well as the content that has been uploaded through these scripts.


okkey , i will delete all the files , but i need some time for backuping my files.

No problem, we’re not going to delete any files right away. Just note that you must reduce your disk usage or you won’t be able to upload files again.


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