Code in File manager not working

I have added the code for multi-site in wp-config.php but its not working.
(the code is below)

/ Multisite /
define( ‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’, true );

The code cant be incorrect because it has been copied from their official website…

Does anyone know how to fix this

Have you created sub-domain using c-panel??? Also share the URL then only we can check!

Free hosting does not support multi-site

Upgrade to premium hosting, perhaps?


if that is so then why infinty free provides an option to create infinite subdomains, addon domain etc

IF is not only for WP keep it in mind!

See if u want u can config wp seperatly for subdomain also!

NOTE: WP consumes more nodes.
U can create more subdomain wp for your domain but it should not cross more than 30000nodes per account!


got it

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Please re-type the quotes of the code. As you can see, the quotes are crooked, and the first one is upside down. This is usually done for pretty formatting in articles and the like, but is invalid PHP. If the WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE turns green, like you can see with WP_DEBUG and ABSPATH, you should be OK.

Official sources can be wrong too. But the quotes seem correct on the official documentation, so it seems that the quotes got replaced somewhere else.