hi lm ryan lm sure you can help me l made a Cname l dont know how but made one l tried it again but it gave a error Illegal characters in source hostname part. 10 can you pls help me my Cname is caspian tex rose can you give me instructions on how to make one in a summary if nut give me the article
thank you infinity free team
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To create a CNAME record, on the “Record Name” field you need to insert the name of the record, with ONLY alphanumeric characters, so if you put caspian tex rose it won’t be accepted, while caspiantexrose is accepted. On the “Destination” field you need to put the hostname of your server that is configured for that subdomain. On the “Domain” selector you need to choose on which domain you want to apply that CNAME record. After you filled in all the fields, click on “Add” to finally add the CNAME record on your account.


thanks you but can you give a hostname ex. this happend

pls help

If you don’t have a hostname (or a server that is configured for the future CNAME record you’re going to add) on which you can point your CNAME record, you cannot create a CNAME record. An example of hostname is or, but it all depends on which server you’re going to create a CNAME record on. Instead, if you want to add a subdomain on an hosting account here, do it with the “Subdomains” section of the Control Panel.

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hi infinity free is hosting me so my hostname is

l have a cname as caspiantexrose but were did l get it from?
l do not know

I checked your account and I don’t see any CNAME records there.

What CNAME record are you looking to set up? What is the source host and what is the destination?

You said something about Is that the CNAME target you want to use? But why would you point an additional domain name to our FTP service? What are you trying to accomplish by doing so?


l want when poeple search for caspiantex my site pups up

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