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why when i enter on cname record

but after i add this the cname destination change to
with a dot on the last word that make my cname is not working

Short answer: your CNAME record does work. The dot doesn’t matter. But DNS propagation does, so maybe you just need to wait for a day or two for the changes to be visible, depending on how you’re verifying them.

Longer answer:

For the majority of DNS systems a CNAME target with and without a period at the end is the same, and it varies by platform whether they prefer to display it with or without a period at the end.

This is a bit different on the low level DNS configuration. At that level, the period at the end is really important, and you should really have. If you don’t have a period at the end, it means the target record is a subdomain of the same zone, not a full hostname.

So, say you have the domain and want to point a subdomain test to the domain If you enter this in the base DNS config without period at the end, it’s considered to be a subdomain, so the actual CNAME target will be If you don’t want it to be a relative domain, you must add the period.

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