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I’m trying to set up a free SSL certificate for my site, and I am told that I need to set up a CNAME record to do that. The instructions, though, do not seem to match up with what I am seeing. The instructions page says this:

If you’re using GoGetSSL:

  1. Click the Request SSL Certificate button, or click the Pending certificate already there.
  2. On this page, you’ll see one CNAME record, with a destination ending at This is the CNAME record you need to add.

I am using GoGetSSL, but when I click on the Pending certificate, I see nothing with a destination ending at All that is there is a Record Name, Domain, Destination, and Current Destination. So what do I do next?

No idea

What does it show then? A good screenshot is better.

OK, here’s a screenshot.

You need to add CNAME record in the VPanel

Make sure there are no extra spaces when you paste the records


Ah, I see my dyslexia is bad today. Thank you very much for the assist.


That’s why we are here!

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