Cname records

Hello, i try to order free SSL Certificates for
So, i have make the cname record for verification.
Just copy/paste Record Name and Destination from here

to here (Screenshot on Google drive, because not allowed to upload more then 1 Image)

and it’s don`t work…
what am i doing wrong?


You have to wait some time.

The Record Name displayed there is not correct unfortunately. The record name should NOT include your subdomain, so it should just be _8142cb10d9b15f6a9083a38c0d8230af, not _8142cb10d9b15f6a9083a38c0d8230af.kirvad.

As you can see in the CNAME Records tool, the current generated record name is The double kirvad makes the record name incorrect, which is why it’s not detected.

A fix for this is currently being built.


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