CNAME records for Subdomains

So, I have been trying to make my website ( be recognized as secure. I installed the SSL certificate provided by Infinityfree, however, I also have a subdomain (, which does not have an SSL certificate and because it is linked to the main domain, browsers recognize it as not secure. Is there a way to add CNAME records to a subdomain rather than the main domain?

Hello there,

No you cannot add free SSL for subdomains here using the SSL issuer in the client area.

There are some workarounds but it does cost you much of your time and is absolutely a very hassle thing to do since you’ll have to do so many DNS management stuffs and waiting for DNS to propagate which takes a few hours.

Make cname record for main domain and enter acme.www.private and acme.private


This is not true. The client area tools allows to you to add subdomains, and the control panel allows you to add both CNAME records and SSL certificates.

The only known issue is that the client area doesn’t correctly show the DNS values to be added. It says you should add _acme-challenge and Record Name and as the domain, but the domain should just be and the record name should be _acme-challenge.private, etc.


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