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just added SSL, I deleted some lines in CNAME record, now website is not reachable .
please help me how to fix it

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Deleted CNAME from VPanel or CloudFlare?
Are you using CloudFlare?

I deleted one or two line original CNAME record that is there before I installed SSL in VPanel. not sure what CloudFlare is used for , but I think I am using it.

Pls show your CloudFlare dns entry. I believe u cld hv accidentally deleted ur A or CNAME record that was resolving ur domain

Your DNS zone file is hosted by Byethost , a Cloudflare partner. Manage your DNS records at their website.

it said this in cloudflare,

Pls disable the CloudFlare integration within the VPanel.

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Thanks so much. I just did this. so Maybe I need to delete the CNmae record of cloudflare in VPanel ?

Can you show CNAME record of cloudflare in VPanel, just to confirm?

There was one contained cloudflare, but after I disabled cloudflare, there is nothing about cloudlare show up in CNAMe record of VPanel , here is my CNAME record in VPanel.

I believe you can login to CloudFlare to screenshot ur DNS entry…

Seems working now…

its working now…just when I type it show unsecured connection. but when other page is secured.

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