CNAME record not being verified for Free SSL

I have recently created an SSL certificate for my site, I tried adding my second site to create an SSL certificate. When I added the CNAME records they went through, but when I verified the DNS yesterday and today it stated “CNAME record not valid” even though I added the records and they clearly were added to the domain. I am not sure if it is an issue that I have already created an SSL certificate for another domain or if it is the CNAME records. I have activated one cname record which is the “acme-challenge.www” record, the record that is apparently incorrect is “acme-challenge” record.

below I have attached screenshots, I have blurred out my cname destination info due to privacy.

Have you refreshed yet after waiting for a few days?

I see you added a CNAME record for the _acme-challenge.www subdomain, but you pointed it to the same destination as the _acme-challenge. As you can see in the table, both subdomains have different destinations. Please update the CNAME records so they each point to the right destination.

Also, the CNAME destinations are not sensitive data, so you don’t need to hide it. Anyone reading this who knows how to use a DNS lookup tool can figure out the destination. And there is nothing they can do with that information.

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I changed over the acme-challenge.www to the acme destination and it is still saying “CNAME record not pointing to the right destination”

I have attached the screenshot of the cname records now and I still don’t know why it is not verifying:

When exactly did you update the CNAME records?

Like you can see on the text to the left of the refresh button: please note it can take a while for the new (or updated) CNAME records to start working.

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