Cname recods ssl

my cname records not getting verified to get free ssl i have added both cname perfectly its been while still not verified its been months i am ussing cloudflare i dont want to use cloudflare ssl

You may need to wait 24 hours for the DNS changes to be propagated and stabilized before you can apply for a SSL certificate.

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Did you check the knowledge base before posting like the banner at the top says? Because this specific question is answered there:


my cname records not getting verified to get free ssl. I have added both cname perfectly its been more than 24 hrs but still not verified. my domain provider says that the nameservers provided to me, are not configured on the hosting panel, so i need to check with my hosting provider if the name servers are configured or there is a DNS zone issue.
Any help would be highly appreciated, is it DNS propagation lag or name server configuration at hosting end issue?
Thank you.

If your nameservers are correct, then it just DNS propogation.

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I don’t know if my name servers are correct, nameservers provided to me are,, but my domain register says CNAME records added for SSL are not getting picked up may be because hosting provider did not configure nameservers on the hosting panel or there is a DNS zone issue.
It is already almost 72 hours since I added the custom domain on hosting site and updated nameservers on the domain register, yet my domain is not pointing to my site or my DNS is getting verified for SSL.

please help. thanks.

While the DNS issue is ongoing, i am not even able to do the back end work of installing joomla and building the site, as joomla says i cannot select https as my domain does not have a ssl. I am sitting duck. any help please !?

Here is a log of DNS check, showing various failures. Please have a look and let me know if there is a major problem. Thank you.teslateleradiology.comDNS failure log.xlsx (15.5 KB)

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