CNAME problem

I’ve looked in the help, it says ’ On the domains page, you’ll see two CNAME records: one for _acme-challenge and one for _acme-challenge.www, each with their own Destination. You should keep this browser tab open, because you’ll need those Destination values.’
when i click on parked domains in the control panel… there is no CNAME records…

this CNAME thing really is not clear

I checked the quoted text, and it’s from the section “Which values do I need to add”. A section which starts with the text “In the client area”. The “domains” page refers to the SSL domain overview page in the client area.

The CNAME records are not in the control panel, until you add them there. And where you add those, that’s described in the section right after the one you quoted.

Although I do agree the reference to the “domains page” isn’t clear.

Also, FYI: The “Website Development” category is described as “For questions about building websites, programming and CMS, which are not specific to InfinityFree hosting.” You’re asking specifically about our panel and our KB article. Please use the Hosting Support category for that next time.

UPDATE: I made some changes to the article which should make this more clear.


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