Cname Not updating

It has been more than 4 days that I have added an CName Record and I have checked it that it is put to the right domain and the right record name and destination.

The record was added for ssl certificate.

But up till now the CName Record is not activated.

Can i now what to do.

I have Also provided the screen shot

![file 2|690x27]

(upload://nvEvTnoDniwdd8g0RIltkF0SCRI.png) ![file 3|690x30]


Thank You

Hello @Divyaansh

Can you please share the screenshot of the control panel? It looks like only the first screenshot actually uploaded.


Here Is 1

Here is 2

@Divyaansh, I meant from the location where you are entering these in (most likely the Control Panel)



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@Divyaansh, I need to see the actual CNAME entries (the CNAME that you copied and pasted). Please screenshot the entire screen, and make sure the entire page of the control panel is visible.

As you can see in the screenshot, it says chatmeet twice in the control panel, but in the client area it says chatmeet only once for each domain. So it would seem you did add a CNAME record, but not with the right name.

Please make sure to select the right domain name from the Domain list when adding a CNAME record.

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Sorry For delay Reply yes that problem is solved the problem was the 2 chatmeet.

Thank You very much

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