CNAME Error foor creating SSL Certificate

I am having an red error for this statement. “: The required CNAME record could not be found.”

I can give my website personal email address to anybody that knows how to fix this.

Hello there,

Where did this error came from? Is this error from when you are trying to issue an SSL certificate on your site?

If that’s the case then did you properly add/configured the CNAME records it has provided you?

Also if you have just added the CNAME records recently, it will take up to 24-48 hours until those CNAME records will fully propagate.


I agree with @UnknownLolz, you just need to wait as I have had the same issue before.

Could you please double check the domain name you entered? It looks like you entered a domain name suffixed by the domain name of another hosting provider.

Please note that the “SSL domain” should be the domain name you see in your browser’s address bar when visiting your website. And also note that our SSL certificates tool can’t be used with free subdomains.


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