CNAME completed but still not being recognised hours later

Username: epiz_29901310 URL:

Error Message:- |Current Destination|(no CNAME found) Not Ready|

(please share the FULL error message you see)

Other Information:

CNAME source and destination form completed but SSL certificate not being validated 4 hrs later. I have repeated this twice in case I had done something wrong but no luck.Current certificate due to expire in 2 days.
Thanks for any advice.


Can you please screenhsot he following:

The CNAME record screen of the control panel
The SSL screen that provides the CNAME records for the new certificate


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Same problem here : Username epiz_26802378 : After 6 hours today still Cname Not Ready message for GoGetSSL certificate.

Thanks for being so quick…
David Maxwell

SSL page

CNAME page

I think the cause for both of you is DNS propagation. It can take 72 hours before these records are found by the system.

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Can you delete the old CNAME records?


Same thing is happening to me and it’s been 72 hours.

Thanks - now deleted

SSL certificate issued just now!

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Congrats!! Consider marking any of @KangJL’s or @Greenreader9’s as the ANSWER!

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