I tried to make a srv records for minecraft server but there’s no DNS editor in this hosting.Then I found what it say Cloudflare,I know I can add that record from Cloudflare but when I try to use it ist say “CLOUDFLARE ERROR : No user_key.” Can anyone help me?.Thanks

I’m sorry, but we sadly don’t have a full DNS manager which you can use to setup any custom records. It’s only possible to add CNAME records and MX records.

If you have your own domain name, you can add the domain name to your own CloudFlare account. Any DNS settings done from our control panel will not work and you will need to manually setup subdomains of your domains should you add them to your account. However, you do get full control over your DNS recrods through CloudFlare

But it will ask me to change my domain nameservers to their nameservers.Any help about this? And can I put both your hosting and Cloudflare nameservers?

You will need to remove our nameservers and switch to Cloudflare’s nameservers. Do not list both sets of nameservers because it will create unpredictable behavior!

If I can to cloudflare nameservers and then change it back to your nameservers will the records that I made from cloudflrae get deleted?

You can choose to use either Cloudflare or our nameservers for your domain.

When using our nameservers:

  • Your domain name will be setup correctly automatically.
  • If you do things like add a subdomain, it will be automatically be set to the nameservers.
  • It will not be possible to have advanced control over your own DNS, so you will not be able to do things lik add custom A, TXT or SRV records.

When using Cloudflare nameservers:

  • You will need to manually setup your domain name (although Cloudflare’s record scanning tool should handle most of the heavy lifting).
  • If you do things like add a subdomain, you will need to manually add them to Cloudflare as well.
  • You will have full control over your own DNS, so doing things like adding SRV records should be easy.

Any changes you make in our control panel will not be reflected with Cloudflare and vice versa. You could almost see them as different DNS hosting providers for your domain. When you change the namesevers of your domain, the changes with the previous DNS provider won’t (normally) be deleted, but only the settings of the new DNS provider will be active on your domain.

So, to answer what I think is your question: when you add the SRV records to Cloudflare, you will have to keep using Cloudflare’s nameservers. If you change the nameservers back to our servers, it will be like you never made the changes.

Ok i think im just gonna get a new domain just for minecraft server.Thanks for information.