CloudFlare, is this an item which is turned on over the whole or can this be turned off for a web address?

basically trying to install an addon and having restrictions, just jumping around the forums and all are saying cloudflare is the culprit, would like to test it out,

if not, thanks anyway.

I think this would be a question for @Admin to answer, however I believe you need a real domain name to enable CloudFlare. You can get one for free at (don’t use .tk, it’s not allowed here) or if you want to get a .com or something you can get one for cheap at CloudFlare should be disabled by default if you use a real domain name.

Cloudflare can be enabled for individual websites, we don’t enable it by default. However, it’s quite experimental so it may give some problems. It’s known to give problems if used with one of our free subdomains however it should work fine when using your own domain name.

Hmm interesting, it does state its offline, which is suppose to work, yet also states its on, Its ok, ill figure it out,