hi. Why removed Cloudflare from Vista panels ? Before deleting, my site worked well. Bring back please

Many people mentioned that not to use cloudflare using cpanel!

And they recommended to use CLOUDFLARE DASHBOARD !

its better to remove the option which already make known issues!

That may be the reason!


Cloudflare through cPanel worked fine for me, it enabled and Cloudflare immediatly found the nameservers for my domain.

I wonder how it didn’t work for others

Then your site was the exception. Because for many, many people it caused a wide range of problems.

It’s not actually removed, it’s only hidden. You can still access it here:

Not sure what you mean by this. Cloudflare doesn’t “find the nameservers” if you’re using our integration, our panel creates the DNS records in our nameservers to pass your website through Cloudflare.

And if you’re referring to the Cloudflare record scanning tool, the only place where you see that is if you sign up with Cloudflare yourself. So depending on which nameservers you use, you either have Cloudflare enabled with us but are completely bypassing it, or you have signed up with Cloudflare but aren’t using Cloudflare directly.

The Cloudflare integration itself works on the site of your base domain. It’s just that it breaks everything else on your domain. It breaks your MX records, it breaks your subdomains, it breaks your CNAME records and it breaks your SPF records.

People also tended to break things when enabling Cloudflare in our panel and at Cloudflare directly (the Origin 1016 errors), and corrupted their DNS settings by playing with the CNAME records that were created to make Cloudflare work.

If people already had a Cloudflare account, it would generate an error because the email already existed. If people tried using a free subdomain, the Cloudflare integration errored out too. And sometimes it didn’t depending on how the domain name was setup in Cloudflare. The control panel integration lacked a lot of fine tuning necessary to gracefully handle edge cases.

The Cloudflare integration was a massive pain for users to use and for us to support. For years we have recommended to anyone who wanted to use Cloudflare to not use our integration and sign up with Cloudflare directly instead.


Oh that’s why I got a 1016 error. I fixed it though

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