In you support forum page you say that you can create CNAME records and etc. But I am asking if that would only work for your main domain or all addon domains too?

You can also create CNAME records for your subdomains.
When you enter the CNAME section of the VPanel, there’s a drop-down that allows you to choose in which domain/subdomain you want to create the records.


I’m sorry, but what is “that” that you’re referring to? Your post talks about CNAME records, which implies free SSL to me. But your title is “Cloudflare”. So what is your question about?

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I am saying that if you point your domain to Cloudflare’s nameservers you can connect it to infinity free by using CNAME records (Host: @ Value: your main domain) would that work for addon domains or just the main domain.

It also works for subdomains.You just have to:

  1. Create the subdomain in your Infinityfree VPanel;
  2. Create the A record in Cloudflare, using the same IP address you used for the main domain.

Yeah I know but I am asking does it work on addon domains thank you. And BTW that was fast 5 star service.

I don’t know, try it, what does it say?

Define Addon Domain:

Sorry. I thought you were talking about subdomains.
But the answer is pretty much the same. Yes, it works for add-on domains too. You can have them all (add-on domains and sub domains) with the DNS hosted in Cloudflare and the websites hosted in InfinityFree.

But first you have to change their name servers and add them to InfinityFree to validate that you own them and only after that you can change their name servers to Cloudflare.


Okay Thank You soooo much

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