Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help but I want to use Cloudflare on my hosting account but doesn’t Cloudflare need to have Nameservers pointed towards them? and if they were infinity free hosting would work anymore? I know you can enable it inside infinity free but mine keeps saying the domain already registered and brings up other errors. I Have received a email though saying how apparently the partnership between infinity free and Cloudflare is active and to set my password, so I do and no domain appears. This happens on multiple of my domains set up. Thanks

Read this How to use cloudflare


Just asked a question regarding how id still use my website hosted on infinity free if my name servers are pointed towards Cloudflare instead of infinity free. Thanks

My aticle explains it

ive looked at your article multiple times but it doesn’t explain that your now pointing name servers to Cloudflare how’s your domain still going to be linked to infinity free. Even with those c-name records it doesn’t specify infinity free or episy anywhere so how will traffic find its way back? Thanks again

Replace the main domain bit in the first one with your accounts main domain
Found in the client area image
CName 1: Name: @
Content: Your main domain

CName 2: Name: www
Content: @
Sorry if i confused you



I have never used the CloudFlare app in cPanel. What I do is point all the nameservers CloudFlare and everything is fine!

u need to setup cnames as well

Cloudflare does automatic record scanning which may also do the trick.

That said, it’s still good for everyone to be aware that the record scanning is not a magic fix-all tool. You’re still responsible for maintaining your own DNS configuration, which includes doing things like adding DNS records for subdomains.


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