CloudFlare won't activate

hi, I am trying to set up HTTPS support on my website. CloudFlare won’t stay on after I turn it on.
using WordPress

I’m sorry, but can you please clarify what you mean by “won’t stay on after I turn it on”?

Your website is using Cloudflare now from here, but note that due to DNS caching it can take up to 72 hours for it to be visible everywhere.

meaning after I select Alter Cloudfare it doesn’t stay active in my control panel and when I visit my homepage from browser https:// is not active.

Two simple words: caching problems. Try removing cache and cookies or configure

I’m sorry, but again, can you explain what you mean by “stay on” or “stay active”? So you activate Cloudflare and then what? It says Cloudflare is enabled at first, but when you login later, it isn’t? Or do you mean something else?

If you could give step by step instructions on how to reproduce the problem, that would help a lot.

just turned on on my system settings and cleared cache and cookies on my browser.

cPanel>software>cloudflare, selected ‘Alter Cloudfare’, this option will not stay selected after I hit that button…

edit: generated a SSL cert online and uploaded it to cPanel SSL/TLS interface and it still doesn’t work…

I just checked your domain and it looks like Cloudflare was activated successfully and that Cloudflare has activated SSL on your domain (after enabling Cloudflare on a domain, it still takes up to 24 hours for the SSL to be enabled).

When I try to open your website through HTTPS on , I don’t see any warnings about invalid SSL either.

The page looks quite broken on HTTPS now, but once you change the Website URL in WordPress to use HTTPS instead of HTTP, your website should work.

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