Cloudflare Usage

So, I just registered my domain in FreeNom, long story how, and connected it with Cloudflare, managed the NameServers and it’s all set up on Cloudflare’s side.

Now, InfinityFree tells me that I can’t register it because it’s yet not pointing to and What am I doing wrong here? Are there some additional DNS records that are left behind?

I honestly love how nobody is responding, just like it never existed

First of all, this is a community forum, people do have other lives (no offence to anyone).

If your adding your domain to Cloudflare, you need to add it to InfinityFree using the Epizy nameservers, then once the hosting account is setup, wait 72 hours and change your nameservers to Cloudflare.


This is correct but also after that you have to add a cname record in Cloudflare pointing to your account’s “main domian” which can be found in its control panel. It is not the subdomain you created when you create an account but a random domain hence why you need to check it.


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