CloudFlare "under attack mode"

Username: epiz_26795914

Hey, I was wondering how do I setup Cloudflare under attack mode to infinityfree? , even tho I enable Under Attach Mode in my Cloudflare dashboard, I don’t see this

Can you give us the url?

And do check your CF configuration

My url:
where can i check the configuration?

I can see the interstitial page…

BTW why do you wanna activate it?
Are you really under attack?

I am not i just want to have more security.
That’s nice, I don’t know why I couldn’t see it on my computer

Having it enabled will decrease your visitors

hmm, now seems like just stuck in the please with 5 sec page

it reloads the page every 5 secs but it doesn’t Redirects to the main page

*sec sorry i missed spell

Seems like a problem on Cloudflare’s end. Maybe try contacting them?

Why is this flagged?
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