Cloudflare Subdomain

I know this is quite a common question but i dont ask forums without doing a little bit of research.
I am using cloudflare and have a subdomain and a main domain

for some reason it doesnt work.

my cloudflare is set to flexible (earlier set to Full, I know i already read some posts)



You need to set it to an “A” record instead of a “CNAME”

CNAME is alias to the domain.
A record shows it’s a different host and as a subdomin if the name is not *.

To make this change, edit the CNAME record to A record and put the IP address there.

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I don’t agree with you there. The domain already points to that IP, so the subdomain that points to the domain takes the records the domain you point it to has, which will also work fine for all of us. And in fact, the domain and subdomain the OP posted both work fine for me as well, so this change is superfluous.

@synthsmart-bedsdrout, if your subdomain didn’t work before, try now because it took a while for the record to propagate and if it still doesn’t work, wait a while and clear your DNS cache.


Exactly, Came back an hour later and now it is working. I have marked yours as the solution as it came closest.

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Both are fine so long subdomain is correctly declared


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