Cloudflare ssl with infinityfree

hi i registered a new site on freenom (not .tk as oxydac says it) but now i want to put it in infinityfree. its with cloudflare right now and i want to leave it on cloudflare without changing my nameservers to byet how can i do it so i can host on infinityfree??
(e.g. DNS for infinityfree)

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You can’t add your domain with other nameservers until a new DNS verification method for that appears. So, to add your domain on your account, you MUST change your nameservers to our ones, then after they are propagated, add the domain in your hosting account. After adding the domain in your account, it’s safe to move to other nameservers (even to Cloudflare’s) and change DNS records to point to your Main Domain on your nameservers’ DNS management system.


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