Cloudflare SSL not working.


I enabled the Cloudflare on my website and the https:// is working. Now it shows error 526 ( and the only way to fix it is to disable Self-signed SSL or set the SSL to Full.

Can you disable it, please? Because when I set it to full without strict it shows https but not green.

And again… The error fixed by itself… Sorry for those useless post, I think you could add the “Delete” button for the forum posts so it can be deleted if the problem is solved before anyone’s response.

Full (strict) SSL mode only works if you install a valid SSL certificate on your hosting account. Full mode is recommended if you don’t have that.

Whether or not your domain shows a green lock is not affected by the SSL mode (a browser can’t tell the difference). Generally, it means that some of the URLs on your website use http URLs instead of https URLs.