Cloudflare SSL Error

So yeah I am using cloudflare ssl because I have subdomains the thing is, I can not use SSL without VPN at some subdomains. My main domain is working perfectly but and requires VPN to work flawless, otherwise this is the error “ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR”

you wont be able to access directly to and so you can use this to visit website;
My Website’s URL:

Also, I already read pinned topic but I don’t think this is an internal issue because it works with VPN also I’m using cloudflare not InfinityFree for ssl, if I’m wrong, correct me thanks!

For me both subdomains work, you probably have to wait for DNS propagation.

The only thing is that you have mixed content on them


the certificate is from CF.

I assume you have to edit .htaccess for error redirection to use HTTPS and not HTTP protocol

and certainly make a purge all cache on CF


I edited .htaccess file but its still the same error :confused:
edited “ErrorDocument 404” to "ErrorDocument 404

but still VPN is doing the job

when you use a VPN then you use their DNS
and when you are not using… then you are using from your ISP and your ISP currently still has old or none data

so you have to wait for DNS propagation as I stated .


okey then thanks

test - WebPageTest Test - Running web page performance and optimization tests...

only that REQ 8 is still looking for http instead of https,
did you make a purge cache on CF for those subdomains ?? WebPageTest Test - WebPageTest Details

And where exactly is that .htaccess file for error pages you edited stored ?

if you want and you have enough knowledge

Sorry but I don’t know what “REQ 8” or “Purge Cache” means, I stored .htaccess inside htdocs of my subdomain ofc

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Request number 8 on the link I posted

Purge CF cache

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I’m about to lose my mind I have already changed to https but it always turns back to http

That’s why I told you to try to purge everything (on CF cache section)

and then we’ll see - or somewhere in the code from the page you have an instruction for http instead of https.

I see that after that it does 301 redirection to https
but wastes unnecessary time on it

what about this page? is there a problem? Because I can’t use ssl without VPN here aswell

SSL is ok

you can test it yourself here

Browsers especially Chrome know to keep the certificate in cache for a long time
so try it with some other browser too (if only SSL is problematic)

This can solve the problem with that error page that is called via http


While protecting your site via Cloudflare, it is not recommended to perform redirects at your origin web server:

  • Page Rule redirects are processed at the Cloudflare edge resulting in quicker response and reduced requests to your server.
  • Origin web server redirects can cause redirect loop errors

I am using page rule, also I did clicked “purge everything” but can’t see any difference. What was that supposed to do?

It cleared the cache, so next time your site is visited, it should completely re-load all of the files.

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thats a good feature, thanks for sharing it with me OxyDac & Greenreader9



Iit looks good now !



if it still doesn’t look right to you (mixed content) then delete the cache in your browser with CTRL + F5
or visit with incognito / private mode.


Here’s a link to make you understand a little better what you’re using


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