CloudFlare Problem

My site was working fine, till I added CloudFlare on my site…
When I open my site, it looks simple HTML (Mean no design displaying out)…

Please Help!!!

Follow this guide…

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I had done all these steps before posting to the forum. Only problem is that, the site is looking like :point_down:

Without providing your url, my best guess is what you are currently seeing is due to mixed content issue. Good luck!


If you have set Cloudflare’s configuration to cache, it will start your website as it was the last time you made a modification, but it will not generate new ones. You can solve your problem by doing the following steps:

  1. Cloudflare Control Panel → Caching.
  2. Configuration → Purge cache → Purge everything.
  3. Click on “Purge everything”.
  4. Wait about 30 seconds…
  5. Overview → Development Mode.

And that’s it, any changes you make to your website will not be cached for 3h and you can make all the modifications you want. Of course, when the 3h are over, activate again the Development Mode.

I hope it solved your problem :slight_smile:

Same Problem…!

All things show like as in the screenshot above. WordPress even shows like that…

Please install really simple SSL.


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