CloudFlare problem DNS

as you can see the CloudFlare page is just blank

So I longed into the CloudFlare website and go to DNS tab. I cant change it there because it says it can only be changed on your website.

this topic is a continuation of this topic:Making a subdomain point to an ip

please help me fix this, thank you

Follow this article:


So what is the problem?

We don’t provide full DNS controls with free hosting. Our Cloudflare integration only has an “On” and “Off” button. But we automatically push the right records for your website to Cloudflare.

That said, our Cloudflare integration has issues and breaks subdomains, custom CNAME records, MX records and basically any other DNS records that are not your base website. Those can’t be set anywhere, not through us and not through Cloudflare.

you are byethost

ByetHost (aka IFastNet) is a InfinityFree partner. Consider manual setup Clouflare, there is many guides how to do this.


yea i was thinking to do that too

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I’m sorry, but again: what’s the problem? What do you want to do but are having trouble doing?

Yes, you are using our nameservers and are using our Cloudflare integration. Congratulations, you are using a feature we offer!

Now what do you need help with?

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