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I saw that infinity free now has team up with cloudflare . When i link my website from the admin panel . I get the following email ie

Congratulations! was added to your Cloudflare account.

Cloudflare is a service that makes your website faster, safer, and smarter. Or in other words, Cloudflare supercharges websites. We have teamed up with Byethost to offer this service to its customers.

For your records:

Your Cloudflare username is: [email protected]

Recommended Steps and Resources:
Please read ‘Top Tips After Joining Cloudflare’ to get the most out of Cloudflare at: CloudFlare Tips: Recommended steps after activating through a partner
Please check your statistics after 24 hours at:

You can also check and change the settings for your site here:

We are constantly releasing new features based on user’s feedback. We encourage you to keep in touch:

Is this true and how long would it take get it active if it is true ? and not. i saw the option on infinity free admin panel on my account

It is true,check your inbox you will have received a email regarding your password for

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After you setis up with the admin panel . how long will it take for the site to be safety lock ? and do i have to do anything after linking my admin panel to cloudflare?

From my experiance, it should all be done pretty seamlessly - since they’re partnered, i assume they have some kind of system that does pretty much everything for us (great user experience) - you can login to cloudflare and change a couple of settings or purchase extra services but their basic protection should not require any extra work from you after you activated it

do you have to change the name server’s from infinity over to cloud flare’s?

Nope if you are activating from vPanel

Yes if you are doing it manually


you MUST set the nameservers to cloudflare ones.
yes, after adding your domain to CF, it’ll require you to change nameservers through your domain register.


He is adding through Vista Panel

adding through Vista Panel won’t do anything.

Sorry.I didn’t know that CF in vPanel is nothing(well editing the old post)

I have one person saying no and another say yes . So who is right and who wrong ?

i recommend going with the manual method(not through vPanel)

so go though cloud flare directly.

Tried using manual method bye typing it from cloud flare and tried to access my site an got a page not displayed error message.

The VistaPanel integration should work but has a LOT of issues, so it’s generally not recommended. But if you do decide to go that route, please note that it can take up to 72 hours for the DNS changes on our end to be visible everywhere (due to DNS caching), Cloudflare can take up to 24 hours to issue the SSL certificate and you may still need to configure your website to use HTTPS.

Also, the Cloudflare partnership is not new, we’ve had it since day 1.


So from what your saying it’snot worth the time or hassle.

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