Cloudflare origin ca not installable

Steps to reproduce / I’ve done:
Got a domain and point NS to Cloudflare. Create a subdomain and point its NS to them here. Create a Cloudflare Origin CA - and try to install it here (I’ve tried with and without wildcards) with its private key and certificate. VPanel experience the error that the certificate “is NOT for []”.
How I fix it?

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The particular error message you saw is already covered in this knowledge base article: That article also has a paragraph specifically about Cloudflare Origin Certificates.

Next time, please check the knowledge base before asking your question here. All common questions are answered there already.

Oh, sorry. I’ve already searched for that - obviusly I’ve missed the right search terms.

Why would you need the CA certificate when CloudFlare already gives you the Full or Flexible SSL?
If your domain is on CloudFlare, and you have SSL enabled, you can use Let’s Encrypt!
Somehow, the issue covered here: is not present when you use CloudFlare with SSL and you can install a Let’s Encrypt free certificate!

IMPORTANT: If for some reason you disable CloudFlare, the Let’s Encrypt certificate will stop working.