Cloudflare not working

I enabled Cloudflare but for some reason it’s not working, any guesses?

No, unless if you give us a more detailed and elaborate explanation of what is not working.

So what is not working exactly? Is there an error? Is it just a white page?

Could you also provide us your domain?

today i woke up and i saw that is working fine as it should but isnt working
the error is:

This site can’t provide a secure connection uses an unsupported protocol.


That’s because your SSL certificate only covers your domain with the www prefix and does not cover your root domain.

This error means that the server doesn’t have an SSL certificate to use for your domain.

There are two reasons why you may see this error:

  • Due to DNS caching, you’re not connecting to Cloudflare, but still directly to our server.
  • You are connecting to Cloudflare, but Cloudflare hasn’t set up the SSL certificate for your domain yet. According to Cloudflare, this takes up to 24 hours for free accounts.

Whichever the case may be, the problem will resolve itself if you just wait some time. So just check again tomorrow.


i will wait and notice you if i need.
thanks a lot!

I waited above 24 hours and its still the same.

Have you also checked my response?

Your SSL certificate does not seem to cover your root domain and only the www prefix is covered by it, therefore only your domain with the www prefix can establish a secure connection.

Can you please check on your Cloudflare Dashboard that the SSL certificate also covers your root domain?

this is how I use Cloudflare.
is it possible for me to access the dashboard?

Can you check your website in private browsing mode, just to be sure there isn’t some browser certificate cache mucking things up?

When you enabled Cloudflare, we signed you up for Cloudflare too. You should have an email with more information from Cloudflare. If not, you can request a password reset on Cloudflare’s website.


thanks! i didnt know that.!

it is covering my root domain. what is the problem then?

I’m sorry for my previous response, I didn’t read your post correctly. I see what you mean now: your www subdomain works, but your naked domain does not.

The reason why you see this is because Cloudflare (apparently) has not generated an SSL certificate for your naked domain.

And if I had to guess, I would say that this is caused by the way our Cloudflare integration works. The integration type we use normally doesn’t cover the naked domain, but iFastNet has chosen to work around this and direct your naked domain through this integration as well.

I’m going to bring this issue up with iFastNet to see how we can make the Cloudflare integration work better.

In the mean time, I would suggest to ignore our Cloudflare integration. That means you can either generate a free SSL certificate with us and use that on your website, or you can sign up with Cloudflare directly and use their nameservers for your domain.

UPDATE: Actually, I’m unable to confirm this issue exists on other Cloudflare domains. So it might be something specific to your domain that Cloudflare hasn’t issued an SSL certificate for your base domain. Maybe Cloudflare known more about this?


ok, thanks.
also where do i manage my DNS records

At your DNS hosting provider. Which provider that is depends on the nameservers of your domain. Are you using our nameservers? Then we are your DNS hosting provider. Are you using Cloudflare’s nameservers? Then Cloudflare is your DNS host.

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