Cloudflare is still not working

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: My website is still not protected by Cloudflare

I’m using this software: Cloudflare, WordPress

Additional information: It’s been one day, my website still doesn’t have Cloudflare SSL on even I created one origin SSL and changed the DNS in Cloudflare (not changing the DNS from my domain provider). Here’s the photo:

Remove the CNAME wildcard record that points to on the screen you’re seeing, and toggle the orange cloud near the ftp record that will point to, not to the website’s server’s IP address (aka Then please go to Freenom, click on “My Domains”, click on “Manage Domain” next to the domain you want to manage, click on “Management Tools”, “Nameservers”, put the Cloudflare Nameservers removing the other ones (if there are), save the changes and wait 24 hours.

so i had to remove the infinityfree’s dns? but removing the infinityfree dns will make my website shutdown…

Yes; but it will slow down the server’s response time, just the website will be faster with the necessary optimization. And, with Cloudflare’s nameservers, you will have their CDN, unlike the epizy nameservers. Obviously, the website will not shut down with other nameservers; just because it was added before on an account with those nameservers, you have the freedom to change them at any time!

i don’t really understand what you’re talking about since im new to infinityfree…

yes, i’d add to other accounts before, but i deactivated the old one and used the new one.

the old one is 100% not modified (aka haven’t created anything on that one)

so what should i do cloudflare is still not working.

Here’s what I said about changing the nameservers on Freenom:

If I wasn’t clear let me know. However, you have the freedom to change the domain to other nameservers if you want to after adding the domain to a new account with the old nameservers!

it’s now working, but my webpage become error 521, which means it’s the always online failure page.

help sos omg

Try to ping the Main Domain that you can find on the Control Panel, then copy its IP address and paste it as value on the record with as name

how do i do it because i cannot understand

Use this command opening the Command Prompt:


where can be replaced with the Main Domain that you can find on the Control Panel.

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but where’s the directory that i can replace my main domain

You should replace the value of the record with as name with the IP you’ve got from the ping (what you will see in square parenthesis).

yes, i mean “where’s the change main domain located”?

for example, Domains > Addon Domains

The Main Domain is on the “Account Details” table on the Control Panel. Copy it and ping it with the ping program, or do a DNS lookup with this tool, then copy the IPv4 address and replace the value of the record with name with it.

where is it at

Don’t click to go on the account settings on the Control Panel next time you’re trying to find the Main Domain! The Main Domain can be found on the panel/indexpl.php itself (AKA the Control Panel, without clicking anything), then on the “Account Details” table of it, that can be found scrolling down a bit, watching the right side of the screen, and the first thing you may find will be the Main Domain.

yeah but how do i change the stuff clicking on the main domain thing doesn’t even work!

Here is what the “Account Details” table (only the Main Domain shown and indicated with an arrow) would look like on the Control Panel:

You don’t need to click on everywhere to “change the stuff”, but copy the part that starts from random characters and ends with!

and where do i put the ip i pinged

You need to use this image as a guide:

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