CloudFlare & InfinityFree Integration - ON&OFF Situation

Hey there,

I am having a recurring on/off situation. I get a Error 521 when I try to access the website sometimes. All my DNS is configured properly: I have the A records with the IP Proxied through, same with www.
My SSL is a self trusted certificate as I use the edge certificate from CloudFlare. Everything is in order as SOMETIMES it works but sometimes it dosen’t.

I would like to know the cause of this, why does it sometimes work and sometimes dosen’t and gives off “Web Server Down”. If anyone can help me, would be very much appreciated, please ask for more details if needed!

Thank you very much

Your hosting account is on affected IP


Okay, how do I change it, how do I fix?

Please read the article. It includes that information.


I cannot find it, Can you please show me?

It is literally labeled “What you can do”


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