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Hi all,
Hope you’re all okay?

For the past few months, I have been using infinity free ssl for my website
But now it has expired and I wanna use cloudflare to run my website.
I have changed my DNS to that of cloudflare from infinityfree’s own, but I need some more additional info to get it working again.
Like the type of Records and content I need to add.
Please help me.

P.S: I have followed some steps b4, but it’s showing me “site not secure”.

Pls use this guide…


Thanks buddy.
I’ll check it out.

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Hi @KangJL
Thanks for your reply. So I followed the steps in the article and I think I’m missing one important part…
When I try to add the first and CNAME record as follows :
Name: @
Target: (my webste )
When I try to save, I’ll get an error saying: “DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004) CNAME content cannot reference itself.”
The second CNAME works well for me.
Please and let me know the way forward.

You’re doin it wrong! Get to your hosting account from client area and copy Main Domain (It looks like random number and words) and here! It’s works!


Thanks buddy.
Just notice that. w**cxgdg* and he site is still down.
I think I just need to wait a little.

Thanks again.

your main domain is this

(sorry for the wierd lines, my mouse was glitching)

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