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Hello, I just did the whole process in cloudflare, I changed the dns and the status of my website is active, what else should I do? I need to install something in the cPanel or just wait for the certificate to be activated, for the moment access to my website and I think it’s a privacy error


instead of people here have to guessing
what all could be wrong from the code (your website) to settings on CF
and for that reason they have to write an essay here
I would ask you, please, give us your domain (website URL)
so that people can check it in detail

generally wait
and then when DNS propagation is complete
redirect all traffic to httpS

what kind of structure/type your page is - it depends on whether you are going to do it over CF or host

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@OxyDac he didn’t say that he have a problems… He just asked few questions and you answer like his site is down.

After configuring SSL on CF right, you just have to wait till you’ll get green lock.

For starters, Cloudflare takes 24 hours to set up a certificate:

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@MrJunior said:
@OxyDac he didn’t say that he have a problems…

privacy error - means that some parts call ordinary http instead of https

wait 24h until it comes SSL from CF
is currently old ssl from hosting (self-signed)

after waiting
This is the process for cloudflare (their direct page)

Crypto section
ssl = FULL
Always use HTTPS = ON
Automatic HTTPS Rewrites = ON

after that
Caching section = purge all


Thank you so much for your support!

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on behalf of everyone who helped - yw and good luck
btw. welcome to the forum :smiley:

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@socialdink said:
hello again, i think my ssl is active now but when i visit the url with https show another problem NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID

I visited your site over https request and I checked your ssl certificate details and see it was really not valid.

It’s working fine now

@socialdink said:
how can i fix it, what i need to do


No need it’s working fine now, the issuance might have take time.

The certificate seen there looks like our default certificate. So I suspect DNS propagation was the issue (which can take up to 72 hours).

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