Cloudflare error 1016

When i try to visit my site it says something about a 1016 error how can i fix that

Hello there,

Create an “A” record directly on Cloudflare’s DNS editor if you haven’t already and make sure that the A record is using or points to the correct IP address on which InfinityFree server your site is hosted.

To find the right IP address of your site, please refer to this Knowledge Base article:

I can’t because it says

Partner hosted zone
Your DNS zone file is hosted by Byethost, a Cloudflare partner. You can manage your DNS records on their website.

Oh so you are using the Control Panel Cloudflare integration then and not using Cloudflare directly.

Then please go to the Control Panel and go to the Cloudflare option and then disable and re-enable Cloudflare, there was probably a misbehavior when you enabled Cloudflare.

Did you check this article already?

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i already did that twice

oh its working again :slight_smile: it was because I have used the cloudflare nameservers
thx to everyone

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