CloudFlare DNS Error

I enabled the CloudFlare setting in cpanel and it has been over 24 hours and there are still no settings in cpanel for it and now when I goto the website it says Error 1016 DNS Error For CloudFlare, Domain is

The domain name doesn’t seem to exist. Please check with Freenom whether your domain name is still active and pointing to our nameservers.

Seems to be active to me.

@glitcher32 said:
Seems to be active to me.

Hmm, the domain is active now. I don’t know what went wrong before.

However, your website is working from here as well. Do you still experience that problem?

I’m scared to even try CloudFlare now, for some reason my domain completly was deleted I guess thats why you said it was down, luckly InfinityFree still had all the files and stuff, I had to literally re purchase the domain, without any kind of email or anything the domain just vanished from my domains account.