Cloudflare DNS and InfinityFree's Hosting

Well, I’m not sure as to how I can work with Cloudflare’s DNS but, epizy’s hosting… I have searched for various solutions but, have found none… Please help me!

You cannot get Cloudflare with subdomain. You will have to use your own domain.


Use your own domain. Freenom is the best!

I have my own domain from namecheap, but, I want to use CloudFlare’s DNS so, I can’t change the nameservers to epizy’s so, I dont know what to do

Cloudflare’s DNS requires a nameserver like bown.ns.cloudflare or something but, epizy also requires name servers

You will not need the epizy anymore after you have verified your addon domain from Infinityfree.

My question:
Did you already verified your domain from InfinityFree control panel?

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Yeah, I did :smiley: thx!!

does it working now? Always comeback if you faced a problem!

So then what’s the issue?

Hmm so you don’t know how to configure. Wait

He already did or configure, I guess, based on his reply.

Ohk I didn’t saw. No worries always here to help others.

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